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Outdoor Living – Patio Furniture – Refurbish Old Household Items To Compliment New Ones – Part One

Are you looking to save money on patio furniture for your outdoor living area? Of course. A few new pieces in cedar, rattan or teak that can form the centre pieces for your creation are always a good place to start but they are not the only choices. Often old household items no longer wanted indoors can be refurbished as attractive and functional complements to whatever furniture set that has been purchased. Look around, be selective and use your imagination. Here is how I will add one piece to my ensemble.Before we moved, I had an old enameled steel-topped wooden table used in the laundry room. I knew it was somewhat valuable because when I used it once to display items in a yard sale, the dealers who always show up early were more interested in it than in anything displayed on top. It traveled with us in the move but had no functional place in our new home and sat outside under a tarp. When I finally got around to dealing with it this year, two of the legs had rotted on the bottom. It is either junk or I must become creative. Choosing the latter, I envision it as a perfect addition to my patio.First, I need to remove three inches from each leg to remove the rotten portions. I see two choices here. One, I can cut off more than three inches and turn it into a coffee table or end table. Or, two, I can stick to the necessary three inches, which will make it too tall for the first plan but a bit short for any other use. I need to find a way to re-lengthen it that will be both aesthetic and functional. After thinking this through, I see that I can drill holes in the bottom of each leg and add heavy-duty coasters with brakes to the bottom of each one. This option will bring the table back up to its original height and make it very useful as a serving trolley for the dining area of my patio.Of course, before I attach the coasters I need to re-finish the wooden portions of the table. Two peeling layers of paint will be scraped off, then the entire piece sanded smooth. Since the wood is simple fir, I need to choose a finish that will make the table compliment the white enameled top and my plan for patio furniture. Paint will work but instead I will use an ebony stain well rubbed. A stain will highlight the wood grain, fitting for a patio piece, while the ebony color will tie together the black coasters and the white top. Ebony also compliments my planned cedar and rattan patio furniture without seeming like a bad attempt at a match.The final piece of this puzzle is the handle for the single drawer of the table. The old handle is very plain and very tarnished, but I quite like it. Rather than replace it, I will remove the tarnish and polish the surface. I believe it will give the table a collector’s piece air. In the end, this “new” table will add beauty to the patio and play a key role in patio life.Remember, do not be quick to throw out throw out pieces that outlive their initial purpose. Use your imagination; they may find a new life on your patio that will enhance your outdoor living experience.