Different Types Of Renewable Energy

Although solar energy is one of the primary sources of renewable energy, there are other types of renewable energy that are equally effective and from which useful and clean energy is being produced. Since the energy from the sun is basically tax-free and the sun shines at almost all places on earth, it makes an ideal source of energy to convert into useful energy. Most scientists involved in the renewable energy field and the solar energy field are trying to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic cells in an effort to try and make it convert solar energy into electrical energy more efficiently. This raises the question about the other types of renewable sources of energy and how good they are in getting converted into electrical energy efficiently. Also, are they available abundantly enough to even think of this as a practical solution to our energy needs and energy crisis? I am to answer those questions in this article.Also, other less heard of sources of renewable energy such as geothermal energy can be very easily converted into electrical energy and you may be surprised to learn about how well the geothermal power stations that have already been set up are doing. In my previous article, I wrote about Mojave Desert and how it is one of the largest power installations in the world. Well here’s a fact. Similar geothermal power stations exists and guess what, it produces 2 times as much power as the one in Mojave Desert. The Geysers geothermal power plant has a capacity of 750 MW and is located in California. Geothermal energy is basically the heat energy coming from the core of the earth.Let’s take a look at some of the other sources of renewable energy.

¬†Wind Energy: This is another good renewable source of energy. Due to plenty of wind farms installed worldwide, the energy needs of plenty of people are being satisfied. Basically, how this works is that the wind energy is used to rotate these huge blades which in turn rotate turbines located inside a generator. These turbines rotate and cause electricity to be produced. When many wind mills are situated at one place, which is called as a “wind farm”. The best place to place wind mills would be on at higher altitudes where there are winds with high speeds blowing. Wind is another clean, efficient and non harmful renewable source of energy which helps in reducing the amount of pollution in the atmosphere.

Geothermal Energy: I have talked about this in some of the previous paragraphs. It is an important source of energy and comes from our very own earth. The core of our earth is very hot and gives out heat energy. There are some locations on the surface of the earth, such as “The Geysers” where this heat from the centre of the earth can be accessed. So this immense heat energy from the centre is then used to produce electricity.

Hydropower: These are normally set up along with dams and are located in big rivers, seas and other places where there is a good natural flow of water. Doing that helps immensely as the kinetic energy of water is very high and because water is almost 800 times denser than air, it has more potential to turn turbines and thus produce more electricity.

Biomass: Biomass is energy generated from plants. This is based on the idea that the plants use photosynthesis to convert solar energy into chemical energy to store it in them. This energy is liberated when the plants are burned which can then be implemented in an efficient manner to convert it into useful energy.

Solar Energy: Solar energy is of course the most widely used renewable source of energy in the whole world today. In fact, the photovoltaic cells technology is the fastest growing technology in the world.So learn how you too can make use of the various types of renewable energy by following various do it yourself guides available online and by using the clean, pollution free and non harmful types of energy that can help you cut your electricity and other energy bills and thus, help you save money.

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